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"Breath" translates as spirit or soul in Latin & Ancient Greek, representing an interface between conscious & subconscious processes

My research at Sussex Psychology explores the effects of breathwork on mental health & wellbeing. It involves collaboration with the Breath-Body-Mind Foundation (who I trained with as a breathwork teacher), Othership (Toronto), Oxford & UCSF. I'm part of the Brighton & Sussex Medical School breathwork lab exploring phenomenological & physiological effects of intensive therapeutic breathwork, & am a co-investigator on The Breathwork Survey launched by the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College. My work has been featured across the BBC, Guardian, Forbes, Psychology Today, & HubermanLab 

Breathwork publications from 2023:


*Nature Scientific ReportsEffect of breathwork on stress and mental health: A meta‐analysis of randomised‐controlled trials

Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews: High ventilation breathwork practices: An overview of their effects, mechanisms, and considerations for clinical applications

Nature Scientific Reports: Effect of coherent breathing on mental health and wellbeing: a randomised placebo-controlled trial


*Psychology Top 100 & Journal Top 100 Collections (#3 & #5) - in top 1% of 25M+ research outputs tracked by platform Altmetric 

Ultimately, I hope our work can help build a larger evidence-based picture of the psychophysiological effects (& potential efficacy) of breathwork. I am setting up Brighton & Sussex Breathwork Lab, dedicated to breathwork research & practice (funders/donors reach out if interested!) & am open to advisory/consulting roles, including coaching. I have a growing interest in the innumerable applications of breathwork across all contexts of human recovery & performance, from health to sports
I'm a fellow of the
Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund, Tokyo, carrying out the first doctoral research funded by the Sylff Association in the UK. Sylff is a collaborative initiative of the Nippon Foundation & Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, & a global fellowship programme aimed at nurturing leaders who will initiate action to transcend differences & address issues confronting contemporary society. I have received additional grants from Sylff along with PsyDAO, a decentralised organisation funding research at the intersection of psychedelics & mental health  


Thank you for reading (& breathing)! Find me @breath_Guy

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Me doing breathwork at the medical school
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