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Hey, my name's Guy and I'm a PhD researcher and breathwork practitioner exploring the psychophysiological effects and efficacy of breathwork. I'm not sure what I want Breev to become but I thought the name and domain were cool. My purpose is to conduct research and teaching, contributing the best I can to bring scientific validity to various modalities involving breathwork for human health and performance

My research at Sussex explores the effects of breathwork on mental health and wellbeing. It involves collaboration with the Breath-Body-Mind Foundation (who I trained with as a breath teacher), Oxford and UCSF. I'm also working with Brighton Sussex Medical School who are exploring the psychedelic and physiological effects of therapeutic breathwork via MRI, ECG and NIRS

My first paper is published in Nature Portfolio journal Scientific Reports:

Effect of breathwork on stress and mental health: A meta‐analysis of randomised‐controlled trials


Additionally, I'm a co-investigator on The Breathwork Survey, launched by the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London. Ultimately, I hope my work can help build a larger evidence-based picture of the psychophysiological effects (and potential efficacy) of breathwork. I wish to set up a breathwork lab (and ultimately a centre) dedicated to breathwork research and practice (funders/donors reach out if interested!) and am open to advisory/consulting roles


I'm a fellow of the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund, Tokyo, carrying out the first doctoral research funded by the Sylff Association in the UK.  Sylff is a collaborative initiative of the Nippon Foundation and Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, and a global fellowship programme aimed at nurturing leaders who will initiate action to transcend differences and address issues confronting contemporary society. I have also received a grant from PsyDAO, a decentralised organisation funding research at the intersection of psychedelics and mental health 


Passionate about moving Public Science and Health Education forward, with a growing interest in complementary/alternative medicine approaches, human performance and recovery

Thank you for reading (& breathing)! Find me @breath_Guy

Me doing breathwork at the medical school
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